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Chatbot: A Intuitive Way To Evolving Retail Industry – Shamayun Miah

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Chatbot: A Intuitive Way To Evolving Retail Industry – Shamayun Miah

The retail sector is always changing, and technology is at the forefront of that transition. Physical retail establishments are embracing technology improvements to discover new methods to appeal to a broader audience, compete with other firms, and deliver great customer service, which is not restricted to the advent of eCommerce. The days of chatbots providing binary, basic Q&A-based replies, void of emotional intelligence, cultural knowledge, and cognitive control, are long gone, stated by Shamayun Miah in The Future: Fusing Fintechs and Financial Institutions. Chatbots are becoming more expressive. It offers a wide range of potential uses in the retail business, and it can increase sales while lowering expenses, making them a valuable tool for any store.

Retail bots are accessible to help customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they will always represent your business properly by offering nice helpful service. Chatting with a bot is simple, enjoyable, and, unlike most traditional help channels, does not require any waiting. Customers will notice that your brand emphasizes their convenience and experience because of its consistent availability and consistency. Although most customer inquiries may be answered by a chatbot, there may be moments when a user chooses to talk with a human person. In certain instances, your bot may effortlessly transfer the discussion to another person.

When chatbots are customized to give the same level of customer care that customers expect from your business in-store or online, they’re a terrific way to grow your brand. Because chatbot replies are regulated, bots enable companies to deliver unified, consistent customer care. Chatbots can act as shopping assistants, assisting shoppers in locating the things they want. Retail behemoths like H& M and eBay are employing them to sift customers through massive inventories and deliver exactly what they’re looking for. Many customers come in with only a need in mind and no specific product in mind.

Chatbots may also make suggestions based on color, brand, pricing, and other factors in this scenario. Even if the client is unable to choose at this moment, a chatbot can preserve the whole discussion and remember the customer’s preferences when he or she reconnects. Chatbots are one way that retailers are attempting to utilize technology to their advantage. It can help customers have a better experience. Retail is at the cutting edge of technology innovations and digitization, stated by Shamayun Miah,” Digital Survivors — Death of the Retail Culture”

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The Influence Of Science Fiction On Technology – Shamayun Miah

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The Influence Of Science Fiction On Technology – Shamayun Miah

Sci Fi Futuristic Fantasy Strange Alien Structure, 3D rendering

Many scientists agree that science fiction sparked their interest in science and helped them make discoveries. Many fictitious technologies have later appeared in the real world. Arthur C. Clarke outlined how radio signals may bounce off satellites for long-distance communication in 1945, long before the first satellite orbiting Earth. Satellites for communication are now widely used.

Star Trek’sTrek’s communicators and Dick Tracy’sTracy’s video wristwatch have striking resemblances to modern cellphones and smartwatches. Then there are the numerous rebellious robots from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, which humans are trying to avoid at all costs. KITT, the self-driving vehicle from the TV show Knight Rider, is no longer a science-fiction character. However, it isn’t easy to measure the influence of science fiction on science facts. Technologists, in particular, would like to learn more about how it impacts the creation of new technology.

Thanks to Philipp Jordan and a few colleagues at the University of Hawaii in the United States, this appears plausible. These scholars have looked into how human-computer interaction researchers use science fiction. They discover that science fiction not only plays an important role but that its influence is growing. Their approach is simple, and it is based on papers presented at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, one of the world’s most prestigious conferences in this field. The researchers looked for science-fiction-related keywords in articles published since 1982 and then classified the results.

Researchers employ science fiction in several ways, according to the researchers. The first is for study on theoretical design. Another option is to discuss and investigate new kinds of human-computer interaction, which academics increasingly believe is influenced by science fiction literature and films. Then there’s the subject of human bodily alteration, which is best explored via fiction. “Sci-fi movies, programs, or tales do give inspiration for the most pressing and future human-computer interaction issues of our day, such as discussions about shape-changing interfaces, implantables, or digital afterlife ethics,” Jordan and his colleagues write.

The team’s most important discovery, though, is that science fiction’s position in society appears to be shifting. It is being mentioned by researchers more frequently than it has ever been before. And this information is probably only the beginning. “We believe that the explicit citation of science fiction in human-computer interaction research reflects a fraction of the real inspiration and influence,” they write. That’sThat’s a small step toward better understanding the complicated link between how humans imagine technology’s influence and how it manifests in reality. Indeed, technology firms are increasingly hiring futurists who utilize science fiction to explore emerging technologies and their societal implications. Science fiction prototyping is the term used to describe this.

According to an article titled “From Science Fiction to Science-Driven” written by Shamayun Miah, Businesses must discover innovative methods to harness and integrate everything that is emerging and converging at a large scale. Businesses, rivals, and sectors will need to collaborate to promote innovation. This entails pooling their resources and assets in order to develop technology that is beneficial to society. Businesses, policymakers, and individuals will all eventually need to accept and adapt to some form of human-machine connection, basically reinventing the world for a new tomorrow. Shamayun Miah concluded by stating that those who lead are those who are willing to pave the way for the new frontier of enhanced intelligence